Dropshipment: a large stock without the need of a warehouse

Do you own a webshop or store, but are you unable to keep a large amount of products in stock? In that case, dropshipment is your answer! As a customer of Van der Meer, it is possible to have orders delivered by dropshipping.

Don’t own a webshop yet and are you curious about our possibilities? Take a quick look at our Webshops page.

What does this mean?

A customer places an order in your webshop or store. You can subsequently enter this order in our webshop or submit it through an order link. For the delivery address, you enter the customer’s details. We process the order and the order is shipped in a blank box. The supplied packing slip shows the details of your webshop or store as the sender. The address of Van der Meer is usually listed as a return address, but this can be adjusted to your own address if desired. This way you can have all the desired items from us, your wholesaler, sent directly to your customers, with your store name as the supplier.

How do I send an order by dropshipment?

When you place an order in our webshop, click on “bezorgen” instead of “afhalen”. Then click on “verzend” and then choose “Order laten verzenden naar uw klant (dropshipping)”. After this you can choose which shop data you want to use for the packing slip. Complete the order and the shipment will be sent directly to your customer. For parcel orders within the Netherlands, the following applies: ordered before 5.30 pm on working days, delivered tomorrow. Pallet orders are an exception, they need to be placed before 12 am to be delivered the next work day. We make no distinction between shipping costs for own orders or dropshipment orders. Below you will find an overview of all shipping rates per carrier.

Wide product range

No own stock required

Quick delivery

Shipment in a blank box

Webshop connection possible

Shipping costs

  PostNL Price excl. VAT *
207860 NETHERLANDS <23 KG 8,15
329678 BELGIUM <23 KG 8,60
329679 GERMANY <23 KG 11,00
  Vers&Fijn frozen products  
358399 NETHERLANDS 17,50
386211 BELGIUM 23,00
32086 NETHERLANDS <18,5 KG 10,15
404059 NETHERLANDS 18,5 – 30 KG 11,45
50434 BELGIUM <18,5 KG 10,40
404056 BELGIUM 18,5 – 30 KG 12,10
51780 GERMANY <18,5 KG 10,35
404058 GERMANY 18,5 – 30 KG 11,45
74741 UNITED KINGDOM <18,5 KG 21,55
  Large parcel  
408071 NETHERLANDS <40KG 22,75
408072 NETHERLANDS <50KG 24,75
402097 NETHERLANDS <60KG 26,75
408073 NETHERLANDS <70KG 28,25
408074 NETHERLANDS <80KG 30,00
408075 BELGIUM <40KG 59,75
408076 BELGIUM <50KG 64,75
402098 BELGIUM <60KG 66,00
408077 BELGIUM <70KG 66,25
408078 BELGIUM <80KG 69,75
393676 FOX NETHERLANDS 58,00
393681 FOX BELGIUM 110,50

* Per parcel/pallet

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