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With a selection of over 9000 products, Van der Meer has grown into one of the largest Cash & Carry wholesalers in the pet supplies industry. We offer everything needed for a happy pet. With products ranging from pet food for dogs, cats, small animals, birds, fish and reptiles, to non-food products such as pet carriers, toys, accessories and medicine.

We are always on the lookout for new and innovative products that follow the latest trends and developments. In addition to well-know brands such as Kong, Flexi, Royal Canin, Hill’s and many more, we also offer various exclusive brands.


Self-developed brands

These products are devised, developed and created by us. Examples are Yourdog, Excellent, I Am, Doginox, Foeiii and Scandi. These are products produced with high-quality materials and ingredients, for a competitive price.


Distribution brands

These are brands that are not developed by us, but for which we are the exclusive distributor in the Netherlands. This range includes brands such as Rosewood, Happy Pet, Bunny, Foaber and Nerf. These are top brands from abroad, only available through Van der Meer.

Our aim with our own brands and distribution brands is to ensure that healthy margins can be made on high-quality products.
This way we don’t only make pets happy, but also you as our customer.

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