Van der Meer organizes the Train & Treat Adventure, on Sunday 11 September from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
A day where there is plenty to do in the field of training and treats.

  • Kong presents and demonstrates the latest products, so sign up for 1 of the workshops
  • Bring your four-legged friend, because there is an exciting agility course from Trixie (which can also be won!)
  • Come and watch the exclusive preview of Hunger for Words, the way to talk to your dog and take advantage of the opportunity to pre-order.
  • There is a delicious tasting of FarmFood and there is also a snack & drink for you

So, come and take advantage of the high Adventure discounts at the same time!

Train & Treat Adventure








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Kong demo

During Train & Treat Adventure, Alison Neil and ambassador Yesim Bilz come to Van der Meer to give demonstrations all the way from England and Germany. They show the latest Kong products and demonstrate how you can use them in training. They will show the latest Kong products and demonstrate how you can use them in training.

Alison Neil en ambassadeur Yesim Bilz
British Alison started at Kong in 2014. Over the years she has given many demonstrations and she knows how to tell about the new Kong products like no one else. Yesim Bilz is an IHK-certified dog trainer and behavior specialist in Germany. Since 2012 she has her own dog school and over the years she has broadened her knowledge with various courses and training. She has been able to call herself Kong Ambassador since 2021 and during Train & Treat Adventure she will tell you everything about how you can effectively apply Kong’s products in training.

High discounts
During the Train & Treat Adventure you can buy Kong products with an extra 20% discount.
So you can get started right away!

Do you want to be assured of a spot during one of the demos?
Then sign up right away.

Show the agility skills

The worldwide quality brand Trixie is there for you in every phase of the pet’s life. They offer a wide range of products for dogs, cats, birds, rodents, terrarium and garden animals.

During Train & Treat Adventure, a challenging agility course from Trixie is set up. Bring your four-legged friend and show your agility skills. Will you set the fastest time? Then you have a chance of winning the entire course!

Talk with your dog

Have you ever heard of Stella, the world’s first talking dog?
Stella’s owner Christina Hunger is a speech therapist and has developed a product with which you can teach a dog to talk: Hunger for Words! In her puppy Stella she saw a lot of characteristics that she also sees in toddlers just before they start talking.

The Hunger for Words speech buttons combine animal psychology, speech pathology and AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) into an educational and fun game in which the dog learns to make his or her voice heard. Meanwhile, Stella is four years old, knows more than 50 words and can compose sentences up to five words long! For example, she can indicate that she has finished sleeping and would like to go outside, she is dissatisfied with something and she would like something tasty.

Hunger for Words offers several sets with speech buttons, an organization mat, a doorbell and goal tracker. These products will soon be available in our wholesale store and an exclusive preview of this product can already be seen during Train & Treat Adventure and if you are as excited as we are, you can already place your pre-order.

Stimulate the taste buds

Are you familiar with the FarmFood brand? This family business offers 100% pure and natural dog food, suitable for all dogs. In addition to the bags of chunks, they also produce fresh meat foods, gently steamed menus, trainers and various types of chews.

During the Train & Treat Adventure, treat your dog to a delicious FarmFood dog tasting and get acquainted with FarmFood products.

There are also treats for you

Hungry from all that training, learning, tasting and looking around? Fortunately, Treat does not only apply to the dog but also to the owners. We provide a delicious ‘Frietmoment’ during lunch.


In addition to all these activities and discounts, you can win great prizes by spinning the Wheel of Adventure.
There is also a well-filled goodie bag ready for you, who wouldn’t want that?

So, a day not to be missed.
See you Sunday 11 September!

And don’t forget to sign up for the Kong workshop….